Conference hall: Rental

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 Conference hall in Kiev Conference hall: Rental! If you are thinking about renting the conference hall in Kiev, we can help you in your thinking!

Hotel Chervona Kalina offers you conduct business Conference halls, educational seminars, trainings, presentations and press conferences, coffee breaks, meals for participants with the organization of the subsequent relaxation in the heart of Kiev. In the hotel complex, in a Conference hall where you will be holding events all neobhidimie conditions for fruitful work and pleasant stay. Informal contact between the Conference hall participants will be able to continue during the feast, banquet, corporate or private celebration, which will be offered a colorful dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, will be played romantic melodies of folk songs with a seasoned national traditions.

Conference hall in the hotel complex "Chervona Kalina" will leave warm memories participants about the seminar and, of course, about you ... Think about it.

Conference hall: rent for conferences, seminars, presentations

view seating Conference hall in Kiev
Conference hall in Kiev
Conference hall in Kiev
oval table
Total Conference hall to 100 people Up to 70 people Up to 60 people
cost of renting the Conference hall , UAH:
Conference hall: Rent "The whole day» 3000 3000 3000
Conference hall: Rental "of the South» 2300 2300 2300
Conference hall: Rental 2 o'clock » 1200 1200 1200

Conference hall Facilities: Rent "all day" - from 9:00 to 18:00
Conference hall Facilities: Rent "south" - from 9:00 to 13:00 or from 14:00 to 18:00

Conference hall beyond this time is charged extra by prior arrangement.

The cost of renting the Conference hall include:
  1. rent a Conference hall
  2. standard equipment (chairs, tables, audio equipment)
For training during the formation of 2 and more groups are offered additional facilities:

Title hall Number of persons Price, UAH
Conference hall: Rental VIP lounge 24 1200
Conference hall: Rental House of Ataman » 30-40 500
Conference hall: Rent The House Sotnik » 80-100 1000

Conference hall in Kiev
Hetman hall (VIP)
Conference hall in Kiev
House Ataman
Conference hall in Kiev
House Sotnik

Benefits of renting the Conference hall we have:

  • comprehensive approach
  • convenient location and convenient access make it possible to combine a holiday close to nature and conduct of your event in the heart of the city

For the convenience of conference hotel complex "Chervona Kalina" offers a suite of services that facilitate your work and enhance its fruitfulness

Conference hall: additional equipment

Equipment Rent, UAH/hour cost of rent for the "whole day", UAH
TV 60 200
Board "easel" 50 200
Microphone 50 200
Screen 50 200
Moose. Center 100 300
Multimedia Projector 100 400
tablet notebook 35
tablet 25

Rental Meeting and : Coffee Break

№ 1

The name of dishes Cost, UAH / serving
Tea / coffee 20
Cake biscuit (1 pc) 20
Mineral water (250ml) 10
Total 50

№ 2

The name of dishes Cost, UAH / serving
Tea / coffee 20
Canape with salmon and olives 25
Juice in assortment (200ml) 12
Mineral water (250ml) 10
Total 67

№ 3

The name of dishes Cost, UAH / serving
Tea 20
Canape with sturgeon 25
Canape with cheese and grapes 20
Juice in assortment (200ml) 12
Mineral water (250ml) 10
Total 87

Lease of conference halls: Business Lunch

№ 1

The name of dishes Cost, UAH / serving
Salad " Greek " 30
Ukrainian borsch with donuts 35
Pork chop 45
Mashed Potatoes 25
Tea / coffee 20
Uzvar (200ml) 15
Bread 10
Total 180

№ 2

The name of dishes Cost, UAH / serving
Salad " Dnipro " 30
Fishing ear 45
Fried potatoes at home 35
Chicken Kiev 55
Tea / coffee 15
Uzvar (200ml) 15
Total 210

Rental Meeting and : Business dinner

№ 1

The name of dishes Cost, UAH / serving
Salad " Caesar " 45
Desnyanskiy breeze (perch) 55
Figure s vegetables 25
Mineral water 0.5 liters. 20
Tea 20
Bread 10
Total 175

№ 2

The name of dishes Cost, UAH / serving
Salad " Dniester " 35
Pineapple yummy 60
Kartfelnoe mashed 25
Pancakes with cottage cheese / fruit / poppy 30
Uzvar (200ml) 15
Tea 20
Bread 10
Total 195

№ 3

The name of dishes Cost, UAH / serving
Salad " Greek " 30
Milky Bag 45
Juicy meat in French 70
Mashed potatoes 25
Tea 20
Uzvar 200ml. 15
Bread 10
Total 215

Liquor for rental of Conference halls are available upon request at the prices the restaurant.

In addition to the options, you can order a personalized menu for banquets, cocktail parties, dinner. This will help you manager of the hotel "Kalina Chervona»

For conference participants, free secure parking.

To order a conference hall to place an order prescribed form (Appendix № 1) using the hotel manager and make an advance payment or deposit

Download application form conference hall

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