On July 7, a dance event on the banks of the Dnipro was held in Kyiv

Ballroom dances have long been concerned with the hearts of the lovers of the beautiful. And this Sunday, the audience had the opportunity to enjoy them three times. After all, BIG PRO-AM DANCE OPEN AIR was in the yachting club "Chevona Kalina" with spectacular views of Kiev, and a surprise for all guests was the premiere performance of the new song of Gaitana!

So, about everything in order.

The organizer of the event - the studio BIG Dance, collected on the parquet 32 ​​dance couples in Ukraine, in which one of the partners is a professional, and the other - a student. In the dance world, this is called Pro-Am (Read about Pro-Am http://www.bigdance.com.ua/dances/pro-am/). They demonstrated to all Latin American and European dance performers. Directly from the yacht, the dancers stepped onto the parquet and filled the entire space around romance, passion, sensuality and beauty of movements.

The special atmosphere of the yacht club "Chervona Kalina" made this evening unforgettable. Dancing on the background of a warm July sunset near the moored yachts on the pier gave a lot of emotions and aesthetic pleasure. And in the gowns the evening became even more romantic.

But not only dances are remembered by guests and dancers this evening. Famous Ukrainian singer and songwriter Gaitan introduced her new song "Te amo", which will soon be broadcast on Ukrainian radio and digital venues. Gaitana invited dancers to join her and dance under the hot Latin-Latin rhythms of her new single. The singer even admitted that while watching the dance program BIG PRO-AM DANCE OPEN AIR inspired to join the pairs and learn to dance! The live performance of the singer made this atmospheric evening even more memorable.

How do you describe this dance event? Beauty in everything, sincere, atmospheric, depth. The show rooms, which dancers have prepared, penetrated into the most secret corners of the soul, taking from there the whole spectrum of emotions.

Definitely, dances inspire, fill and develop both the body and soul.

The next Open Air is scheduled for September this year, announced by the head of the studio - Bogdan Golovatenko.


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On July 7, a dance event on the banks of the Dnipro was held in Kyiv

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