Rest on the Nature!

Too tired of the heat, the bustle of the city, wants to get out of town on nature, fresh air, or just go to a barbecue at a day or two with a cool campaign.

Of course, no one bothers to bring meat and skewers - the willingness to bear it all and lose too much time gathering all this and still pull in the 50 and even more miles from Kiev.

But you can make very different, but should come to us not viizhayuchy from the city, in fact, the restaurant-hotel complex "Red Kalina - a perfectly planned vacation in nature, for your family and friends, as we have already popikluemos about your vacation at one hundred percent!

Rest in «Chervona Kalyna» - a chance to be alone with the virgin nature, escape from the rapid rhythm of civilization, to restore their mental and physical strength.

The ideal situation is open pavilions and terraces (where you can barbecue, this has everything you need), individual cottages and green tourism, because we are on the bank of the Dnieper in the picturesque in nature and vegetation location, namely in the park of Friendship of Peoples.

So, we invite everyone to spend the last days of summer and meet the first days of golden autumn is with us and relax in the lap of nature in the Ukrainian tradition with comfort.
Do not deny yourself the pleasure of this holiday in «Chervona Kalyna»!


Services Duration, hours Price, UAH Cost Friday-Sunday, holidays, USD

Enchanted Dnieper river from height of the birds(lighthouse)

Фото special price list special price list

Ski tour

special price list

catering service for ships, boats

special price list

pavilions and gazebos

Cossack hut Photo 25 people 2000 2500
Pavilion "Koliba» Photo 10-12 persons 1600 1800
Haydamaky Clooney Photo 25-30 people 1800 2000
Arbour Roksolany Photo 15 people 1600 1700
Gazebo on the water "Cossack Council» Photo 25 persons 3500 4000
Eastern Pavilion Photo 6 people 800

Houses and cottages

House Ataman (banquet hall, conference hall) Photo 20-25 persons 3000
Lordly estate
  • The small restaurant hall
  • Big restaurant hall
Photo Photo 10-12 persons
15-20 persons
house hunting Photo 2/4 persons 1500/2100
Wisdom Box

Photo Photo 2/3 persons 1400/1600
Photo Photo 2/4 persons 1700/2300


Sauna on firewood with & nbsp; billiards and pool (6-8 persons) Photo 1 300
Orange sauna & nbsp; with swimming pool (2-4 persons) Photo 1 250
Turkish bath & nbsp; with access to the Dnieper. Winter swimming in the hole Photo 1 300
Launch & nbsp; on the water. Winter swimming in the hole Photo 1 300

Vodomotorna equipment

boat trip (up to 4 people) Photo special price list
rental watercraft Photo special price list
Rent water rides "Banana» Photo special price list
Rent water attraction "pill» Photo special price list
parking vehicles & nbsp; of yachts, boats Photo special price list
Massage Photo 80 minutes special price list

Used equipment

Chaise Vacation Photo 8 100
Folding chairs Photo 8 70

rent bicycles & nbsp; (hotel-restaurant located in the forest area):

  • Adult
  • Children
1 100/50
Billiards Photo 1 150
Table Tennis bundled 1 100
Badminton 1 50
Beach   (1 person) Photo 8 100

We invite in club of sports ball dance

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Hammam - ritual of purification of the soul and body

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