Turkish bath in the hotel "Chervona Kalina"

Turkish Bath Sauna Kiev In Turkish bath includes a range of services:

  • output into the Dnieper, the winter swimming in the hole
  • room for massage and relaxation: aromatherapy and herbal medicine
  • preregovorovi room with fireplace
  • Turkish Bath Kiev Sauna

continuation of recreation in the Turkish bath in the eastern traditions can be seen and hookah room that is located in the courtyard of the complex.

 Turkish Bath Sauna Kiev Since the Turkish bath is in the House Roksolana "There are 4 comfortable rooms as well as completion of the recreation complex will be vigorous and healthy sleep.

Turkish Bath Kiev Sauna Turetska Bath

Turkish Bath Kiev Sauna If you like, something new, a Turkish bath is for you. In the Turkish bath can be placed simultaneously up to 4 - 8 people.

Making a Turkish bath is made of high quality ceramics, which emphasizes design bath and make it comfortable and spacious, then you'll feel as if the "Jewel of the Nile" because the main component of the Turkish baths - steam and bathing in the river.

room for massage and relaxation in the hammam: aromatherapy and herbal medicine

Saloon Turkish bath equipped with everything necessary for a massage and a good rest after visiting the Turkish baths or to relax from stressful work week. Also here you can taste the tea with honey that are cooked with herbs.

Turkish Bath Kiev Sauna meeting room and lounge with a fireplace in the Turkish bath

There is a large fireplace that graces the room and makes it uyutoy that allows you to relax by the fire and talk as friends and business partners.

If necessary, your order, restoran "Red Kalina "Turkish bath in the hall you will organize a mini-feast with a variety of Ukrainian cuisine is the Caucasus.


Service Name Duration, min Price, USD

5:00 stay in the bath or sauna - free!

Sauna on wood 60 300
sauna with electric heater 60 200
Turkish Bath 60 300
Service Duration, min Price, USD

From 9:00 to 17:00

Sauna on wood 60 200
sauna with electric heater 60 150
Turkish Bath 60 200
Service recovery in the Turkish bath (Hammam):
Warming up the body in the eastern twin 60-80 minutes
Pilling "Kessy" the whole body in the hammam
Foam full body massage
(relaxing effect)
mask of clay
Tea Ceremony
Total relaxation massage
(whole body massage)

action does not apply on Saturday and Sunday
Owners of discount cards "Chervonoi Kalina have discounts on all services of the hotel complex!

Order Service by calling 451-6191 (Admin)

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